80’S swimwear is given another chance to shine this year

Who ever thought the adage, “history repeats itself” could also be applied to swimsuits? If you’re a follower of the trends, chances are you have seen celebrities and other famous people enjoying the beach, clad in bikinis that are high-waisted, high V-cut, neon and just extremely eye-catching. Who wouldn’t turn their heads to follow that revealing V-cut swimwear?
The 80’s was an era of extremism in music, fashion and style, and swimsuits are no exception. If there was one word to describe the era, it would simply be skimpy. With many styles that revealed one body part or the other, the 80’s bathing suits became the new definition of crazy, and people were surely in love with the risqué flair that the era offered.
It’s only recently that the 80’s swimsuits are seeking a resurgence in the market. You’ve probably seen famous models and actresses like Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner wearing a swimsuit that is reminiscent of the 80’s flamboyance. It proudly accentuates the bombshell body of a woman. The hipbone-grazing cut surely takes the trend to a more competitive streak. The higher the V, the sexier.
More than the revealing style, the 80’s swimwear making a comeback is testament to the growing confidence of the modern woman. Showing some skin (or a lot, depending on the cut) is proof that bold and fierce are two adjectives that define the empowered woman.
The 80’s style is really flattering to the figure. As its cut is higher than your usual bikini, it helps to lengthen the legs, and works well for almost all body types. Using neon gives a vibrant addition to the head-turning cut. Thongs are also a thing of the 80’s that are seeing a resurrection recently. Garment patterns such as the animal print and tie-dyes are also a thing of that era, and these deliver a wider selection of 80’s inspired swim essentials today.
Swimwear that clearly displays fun and color in its designs adds to the beach-frolicking thrill. The 80’s bathing suits achieve this and more, and it’s no wonder how they’re making the rounds all over the world. Body-hugging swimsuits can be worn to achieve a voluptuous figure, and its essence of providing women with the extra boost of confidence makes the 80’s swimwear an exciting option for a day at the beach. Dare to try one?